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Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

As Headteacher of Newcomen Primary School, I would like to offer you the warmest of welcomes to our website and family school, which both values tradition and embraces innovation and high standards.

We are extremely proud of our children ~ they are our most precious asset (as you will see from our Family Wall). We value working closely with you and believe that working in real partnership together is essential for the continued success of Newcomen Primary School, our children and families.

We are fortunate in having a dedicated staff committed to meeting the needs of our children, and a Governing Body which actively supports our school.

Best Wishes, K Pusztai


We are proud to say we are an outstanding provider! Please click the button below to find out more information.

Newcomen Primary School
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Newcomen Primary School

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Family Quotes

I have happy, well-educated, content children.  They are encouraged to work to the best of their ability in a way that makes them enjoy school.  Happy children = happy parent!

I think everything you do is really excellent. That is why I think Newcomen is the most outstanding school and the best school in Redcar.

Great school.  Outstanding staff. I always feel involved with my child’s education.

Every aspect of learning is met with dedication.  Thanks to YOU all.

You work together as a school to provide the best for the children.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Newcomen Roars!

Pastoral care and teaching are fantastic.

I am so happy I chose Newcomen for my daughter.

Breakfast Club is so reliable for working parents.

Fantastic leadership with amazing teaching staff in which we have full confidence.


Newcomen Primary School



Newcomen Primary School



Newcomen Primary School



Newcomen Primary School